We all use smartphone now a days. But this happens to everyone of us that our phone got misplaced somewhere. And we keep wasting our time in finding our phone. It gets more annoying when we are in rush or getting late office. After wasting many valuable minutes, then what we generally do is calling to our phone with some other phone. Now this would be nightmare if your phone is on silent or on vibrate.

Thanks to Android, It comes with an built in feature to track your device and best part is that you don’t need to install any app for this. Using this feature you can locate and ring your android phone at its highest volume for 5 minutes even if your android smartphone is on vibrate or on silent. That’s enough time to find your phone. If you still not able to find the phone. You can ring it again for 5 Minutes.

To know the full procedure about how to find missing phone without installing any app check this video.